First, we blasted our Hollywood and record industry entertainment across the nation. Then our Mexicans went to exotic places like North Carolina to work the tobacco fields. Now L.A. is shipping its pets to far-off American destinations.

Why? Because we're idiots:

It's not the first time L.A. has had to ship its unwanted pets to other cities. Remember Chihuahuas? Yeah, thanks, Paris.

This weekend the ASPCA is joining the group Pilots N Paws to fly 73 Southern California shelter dogs to Seattle.

Why? The ASPCA:

The dogs are being transported so that they may be put up for adoption in Wash., where they are more likely to find homes than in southern California. The ASPCA's coordinated national relocation program draws on the proven economic theory of supply and demand to transport sheltered dogs from localities where supply exceeds demand to areas where demand matches the supply of adoptable dogs.

Like we said. We're idiots.

On Saturday about 73 of the pooches will head on 22 flights to to Kitsap Humane Society in Silverdale, Washington, and to the Seattle Humane Society in Bellevue, Washington, according to the ASPCA.

Then “ground transport” will take another 100 canines to Washington and Oregon on Tuesday, the group says.

What can you do to stop something like this from happening again?

Stop breeding and adopting pets you can't handle. (Of course, this message should also be published in Spanish, communicated in sign language and spray-painted in graffiti to reach the proper target audiences.)

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