Unruly Agency is Now 100% Female Owned

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Rewriting Rules with Unruly Agency

Tara Electra, in a move that sent ripples across the influencer marketing industry, ascended to sole leadership of Unruly Agency. By taking full control over the agency, Tara has positioned Unruly as a powerhouse in the industry, proudly boasting a 100% female-owned identity. This transition highlights her dedication to creating an environment where empowerment and diversity are foundational pillars of the agency. Her leadership style is helping Unruly break away from the usual industry standards and setting new benchmarks for integrity and inclusivity in the digital era.

Redefining Influence with a Female-Driven Team

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Under Electra’s vision, Unruly transcends traditional boundaries, embracing its tagline, “Breaking the Normal.” The Unruly team, primarily women and strong advocates for LGBTQ+ rights, offers a wealth of skills that are key to succeeding in the world of social media. Their unmatched expertise in strategic marketing, digital creativity, and understanding of the influencer market make them stand out in their field. The diversity of their team mainly contributes to the top-notch service they provide their clients, which is focused on building real relationships and long-term success.

Additionally, Its influencer campaigns cater to a wide range of market segments, leveraging a network with nearly a billion potential consumers. Unruly’s content creation and social media marketing services utilize the talents of top content creators, enhancing brand relevance and customer engagement.

Championing Women’s Empowerment and Inclusivity

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Electra is not just changing things up in Unruly but is also extending its influence and leadership to the world. The agency is launching a series of initiatives aimed at empowering women, which include leadership training, mentorship opportunities, and community drives that prioritize and celebrate women. These efforts show Unruly’s strong support for building a more diverse and supportive influencer community.

Reflecting on these projects, Tara Electra emphasizes, “Our community is everything, and our family is one of a kind. We stand behind real creators who entice true and sustained engagement.” This sentiment captures Unruly’s commitment to fostering genuine connections and long-term growth in the digital space.

Expanding Horizons: More than Influencer Marketing

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Electra’s vision has increased the agency’s global footprint, with locations in major cities like London, Sydney, and LA, and steered it towards expanding its services beyond traditional influencer marketing. The agency now offers various services such as paywall systems, organizing the best large-scale events (just like their unforgettable Halloween 2023 event!), and providing full production studio capabilities. Unruly is now a one-stop shop for all influencers, delivering only the best tools and equipment for navigating social media.

A Future Aligned with Progressive Values

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Electra believes in the internet’s power to create limitless opportunities. Her approach offers valuable lessons for digital entrepreneurs, emphasizing value and impact. This new chapter for Unruly Agency is not just about a change in ownership; it represents a renewed commitment to progressive values and a vision for a more inclusive future in influencer marketing. With Tara Electra in charge, the agency is poised to set new industry standards, championing empowerment, diversity, and integrity.

For more information about Unruly Agency’s forward-thinking approach and services, interested parties are encouraged to reach out to the agency directly at https://www.unrulyagency.com/.

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