Universal Engagement Gifts For Him And Her

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An engagement is a chance to celebrate a union and just celebrate life itself. And, during such a magical time, it helps that there are also engagement party gifts to shower the happy couple with. Gifts are a way to share in their joy and to just say, ‘we are happy for you and we support you’. However, you might not be able to say this properly if you give the wrong gifts.

Not to worry, we have put together a list of engagement gift ideas for every type of couple. Universally accepted gifts that your friends or family will definitely appreciate, no matter where they’re from. You won’t even have to stress about making a faux pas with tips that align with engagement party gift etiquette. We have got your back.

Whatever your thoughts or budget might be, we have a list of cool gifts for engaged couples that they will be happy to receive. Read on to find out more.

  1. A Personalized Coaster Set

Coasters are an important item in households, and they are often overlooked, This is why they make good engagement gifts. Get a personalized pack to make them extra special to your couple.

  1. Textured Decanter

If you need engagement present ideas for a couple that loves to entertain or just enjoy their cocktails, then a decanter is in order. Add a classy, studded decanter to their bar collection and remain forever in their thoughts alongside their favorite mixes.

  1. Mug Set

Find a mug set that is especially for couples. Extra points if you can find a pair that actually fit together like puzzle pieces. The popular kissing mugs for example, would make perfect engagement party gifts.

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  1. Throw Pillow

Whether you can get a heart shaped pillow or not, a good quality throw pillow will always be a great present for an engaged couple. A thoughtful gift that can be personalized just for them and would fit well in their future home.

  1. Custom Doormat

A doormat is sometimes the first thing that visitors see in a home. That first greeting can set the tone for the rest of the visit. So, a custom dormat is always a good idea. You can get one that fits their personality with a phrase that would make it a top fun, edgy and unusual engagement gift.

  1. Foot Massager

A gift that is often found only in dreams, any couple would love a foot massager that could help them relax after a tiring day at work. Help them kick back and destress with what could possibly be the best engagement gift.

  1. Honeymoon Fund Box

Another item most people won’t think to purchase for themselves is a piggy bank. However, this piggy bank gets extra points by helping them focus on their first major holiday. While a personalized honeymoon fund box can help them save for that getaway, it can be used over and over again after.

  1. Engagement Gift Box

If you find yourself getting last minute engagement gifts and you’re not sure what to get, you can stay safe with an engagement gift box. Get them a little of everything packaged in a stylish gift box. From scented candles to hand lotions, scents, scented candles, a custom ring dish and more.

  1. Personalized Cheese Board

Give your couple a future family heirloom with a good quality cheese board that can be customized with their family name or initials etched at the top or bottom. A great addition to any family kitchen.

  1. Smokeless Grill

If your couple loves their barbecues or just enjoy their ribs and steaks, then a grill is a good idea. A smokeless grill can be used indoors or outdoors, is easy to use, and will always be appreciated.

  1. Takeout Gift Card

Get your couple the gift of food with a gift card that enables them get takeout from certain or all of their favorite restaurants. The first few weeks after their nuptials or even while planning the wedding, they would hardly have any time for cooking, so this ideas for an engagement gift would be perfect.

  1. Smart Audio Speaker

The Internet of Things is the new trend and a handy one at that. Your couple would enjoy a great quality speaker that can play or choose songs on voice command. Even better if they’re that pair that just enjoys hosting parties.

  1. Furniture Gift Card

Another thoughtful gift for an engagement party when you’re not sure what to get, is a gift card to their favorite furniture store. A marriage often means getting new stuff for the home, and furniture is most often on the list.

  1. Soft Cooler

A great engagement gift for that couple that loves the outdoors. Whether they are sport lovers, they enjoy fishing or even camping, a soft cooler would be really handy. Lightweight and efficient, their also usually quite spacious. A gift that would be universally appreciated.

  1. Robot Vacuum

Back to technology and how it can make lives easier. Many couples get bogged down with work and daily activities that make cleaning up quite the chore. A smart robot vacuum is always a game changer and a great gift for that hard working couple that need a rest from cleaning.

Don’t feel stuck if you’re unable to find the right engagement gift ideas before that special celebration with your friends or family. This list gives you options for all budget sizes and couples from every walk of life. Get them the right gift before they walk down that aisle.

Author: Kate Motina

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