Unifi.AI: Empowering Healthcare Companies  with Cutting-Edge Data Security Automation

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Cybersecurity incidents are estimated to happen every 44 seconds around the globe. As companies face record-breaking numbers of security breaches, protecting customer data remains both a priority as well as a harrowing task for many entrepreneurs. According to  Pramod Misra, co-founder of cybersecurity brand Unifi.AI, having the right compliance tools can help put a company ahead.

“Companies not in compliance are prone to penalties, but that is secondary to the message that poor data handling sends to a customer’s employees, customers, and investors,” explains Pramod. “Stakeholders are not going to trust a company that is not taking steps to protect them.”

Empowering Brands Through Automated Compliance

Unifi.AI supports clients across numerous industries, including small business and finance, but focuses primarily on the healthcare sector. Governing regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) make patient data a healthcare organization’s most essential asset. According to Pramod, Unifi.AI’s proprietary artificial intelligence is easily integrated into the industry’s unique privacy requirements.

“Regulation and compliance with respect to healthcare data are constantly evolving. We worked to combine all those different demands into one place within a simple framework,” he explains.

Unifi.AI works natively on a client’s existing network, ensuring the organization remains in complete control of its data without needing third-party access. Using its in-house AI model, Unifi.AI helps healthcare companies identify personal or sensitive data in any unstructured document, including case summaries, lab reports, PDF files, and more.

Then, the technology also helps clients to encrypt and replace that sensitive information with new synthetic information. This enables employees and companies to use tools like ChatGPT and other large language models without compromising sensitive information. Leveraging artificial intelligence can also help to mitigate common human-related risks, offering “another set of digital eyes” to monitor for errors or red flags at the employee level.

Making Cybersecurity a Customer-Centric Space

According to its founder, usability has always been a priority in Unifi.AI’s development. “We wanted a more productive and intuitive solution instead of repetitive and full of jargon. Listening to our customers and focusing on what they find most useful has helped us build a product that makes their jobs easier,” Pramod says.

He launched Unifi.AI along with his co-founder, Neha Tiwari, in 2021. With a combined 35 years of experience, the founders lead a remote global team of six. The company was recognized in the 2023 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards as one of the fastest-growing cybersecurity brands in North America.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Unifi.AI’s scalable compliance tools help its clients protect their data as part of daily operations while establishing a holistic security protocol that can stand up against future cybersecurity concerns. Discover Unifi.AI’s suite of privacy solutions at unifi.ai.

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