The name “Malibu” comes from “Humaliwo,” a word the Chumash Native American people used to mean “where the waves crash loudly.” Benjamin Lord calls his new portfolio of stereoscopic photographs the Humaliwo Chambers, because they imagine a web of chambers and tunnels in the Malibu hillside. The photographs, dense archeological fantasies of miniature coliseums in sand or rock formations covered in graffiti, are meant to be seen in 3-D through a stereoscope viewfinder. Lord has set one up and laid out his portfolios at the end of the main hallway in “Pale Fire,” the new show Lily Siegel curated at Latned Atsar. 3222 W. Jefferson Blvd.; through June 4, by appointment.

Mondays-Sundays. Starts: April 28. Continues through June 4, 2012

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