UCLA students living near campus were targeted with anti-Latino graffiti this week, prompting university police to launch a hate-crime investigation, according to reports.

The UCLA Daily Bruin says the graffiti on an apartment door, stairs and a nearby fence have messages such as, “you rude ignorant spic cunts” and “dirty Meximelt bitches.” Nothing, apparently, was stated about the old-school Enchirito and the perfectly chaste women who love it, leading investigators to believe the culprits were both young and dumb.

Mention of other Mexican dishes favored by foodies were absent as well, so we now know these are not high-class haters. Irony?

In any case, Kristine Phan was the first of the apartment's dwellers to notice the messages Monday morning. She's not Latina. (Again, a clue as to the IQ of the culprits).

She told CBS Los Angeles:

Our institution, it's of its diversity and all the people who come here. We have exchange students who come here from all over the world and it's upsetting that this is going on.

It appears her roommates, including Myra Ramirez, who is reportedly of Guatemalan-Salvadoran heritage and who grew up in South L.A., were targeted.

Again, her background doesn't necessarily suggest a Meximelt diet (though a Malibu surfer's does — discuss). The culprits were foiled again.

Alas, another roommate was reported by the Bruin to be Mexican or, perhaps, Mexican American.

Score one for the 'tards.

The Bruin says the Undergraduate Students Association Council condemned the artistes and will discuss the situation with administrators.

If the perps are caught they should be made to actually go to school to learn the differences between Asian Americans, Latinos of Central American descent and fast food with Inland Empire roots.

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