International Sushi Day? Never heard of it. Perhaps it's a ruse set up by the sushi industry to make us purchase extra sushi like greeting cards on Valentine's Day. Who are we kidding though? We love sushi — and will gladly take advantage of a questionable holiday to satisfy a craving. Kanpai!

On Monday June 18, Beverly Hills sushi spot U-Sushi, the place with the large boxy robots that make the rolls for you, is lowering its prices to $3 per for select rolls all day (the regular price is $7.50) with varieties like California, Alaskan and Veggie rolls. These babies are larger than your average sushi roll — they're more akin to miniature sushi burritos, which is a fair analogy considering how they let you fill your roll with any of 40 different toppings.

And from 11:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., the Coolhaus truck will also be parked out front selling $5 ice cream sandwiches in flavors like Dirty Mint and Brown Butter Candied Bacon.

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