President Joe Biden announced the United States would be sending $800 million worth of military aid to Ukraine as it fights invading Russian forces.

The president said Thursday that the $13 billion in aid sent in March is “almost exhausted” and the new package of weaponry would consist of 144,000 rounds of ammunition, dozens of Howlitzers and tactical drones.

“The United States and our partners and allies are moving as fast as possible to continue to provide Ukraine… with the weapons they need, the equipment they need,” President Biden said during a White House media briefing. “Last week, I signed an $800 million package of security assistance to Ukraine that included new capabilities like artillery systems and armored personnel carriers.”

Biden went on to explain the battle taking place in Donbas and how the weapons being sent to Ukraine help with fighting in that specific mountainous location.

“I’m grateful to @POTUS & [American] people for the leadership in supporting the people of Ukraine in the fight against Russian aggression,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy wrote in a tweet on Thursday. “This help is needed today more than ever! It saves the lives of our defenders of democracy and freedom and brings us closer to restoring peace in [Ukraine].”

A supplemental budget request will be sent to congress so military aid can continue going toward Ukrainian forces “without interruption.”

The U.S. also intends to send $500 million of “direct economic assistance” to the Ukrainian government.

“This is money the government can help use to stabilize the economy,” Biden said. “To support communities that have been devastated by the Russian onslaught.”

On Thursday, Biden also announced the U.S. would be banning Russian affiliated ships from docking in U.S. ports— a move that has been administered by European countries, as well.

“The treasury department rolled out additional measures to crack down on the enemies and individuals attempting to evade our unprecedented sanctions,” Biden said. “No ship that sails under the Russian flag, or is owned and operated by Russian interest will be allowed to dock in the United States port or access our shores.”

Additional sanctions were added to Russia on Wednesday, as the U.S. Treasury Department saying it has targeted 40 individuals and Transkapitalbank for creating a network that attempted to evade sanctions through digital currency.

LA Weekly