For many residents of the gilded hillside communities above the L.A. Basin, a horde of Latinos is the last sight they want to see.

But the National Park Service has different ideas. So apologies in advance to the ultra-rich among us.

The service recently announced that it has launched a food truck–looking vehicle it calls the L.A. Ranger Troca. The idea, it says in a statement, is to “bring the parks to people.”

As in brown people.

Don't all lock your doors at once but, yeah, rangers from the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area will be recruiting “the next generation of park-goers,” the statement says.

Given that L.A. County is about three-quarters minority, we're not necessarily talking about real housewives here.

The troca will be based in downtown and head out from there to “dense neighborhoods with limited access to green space to events across the region,” the service says.

The orange vehicle will bring with it some of the sights and sounds of the hills and beyond with “pop-up interactions” for all ages, a “ping-pong photosynthesis bucket game” and a solar-powered campfire, the federal agency says.

The truck is rolling with the support of the Ahmanson Foundation and the Santa Monica Mountains Fund.

“We have over 40 miles of coastline and more than 500 miles of trail,” said Charlotte Parry, executive director of the fund, “yet there are scores of Angelenos who still have not enjoyed what the recreation area has to offer.”

Get out there, people. Just try not to scare anyone.

Track down the troca via Twitter: @SantaMonicaMtns.

LA Weekly