Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano made a highly publicized trip to Los Angeles' nearest border yesterday. She was quick and happy to tell the nation's news outlets from San Ysidro that illegal immigration has dropped 17 percent in the last year.

“The manpower, the technology, the infrastructure all has enabled us to be able to really slow that flow of illegal immigrant traffic,” she said.

Napolitano credited the thousands more Border Patrol agents that President Barack Obama has deployed since he entered office, along with a weakened economy and a crackdown on employers of undocumented workers.

Of course, she failed to mention the downsides of making the wall impenetrable:

The last fiscal year set a record for border-crossing deaths in Arizona, despite the decrease in traffic, as reported by the Arizona Daily Star. Unemployment in Mexico has also seen a devastating jump.

According to the Washington Post, more illegal immigrants than ever are being deported from within the U.S. as well, through the Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Secure Communities program — in which Los Angeles County is enrolled, and of which no state or county has the jurisdiction to opt out. More than 392,000 this year, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Secure Communities allows local law enforcement to check anyone's immigration status who is brought into the station, oftentimes on “suspicious behavior” alone. Yes, like racial profiling. Yes, like in Arizona — but everywhere. (ICE claims 33 percent of those deported were convicted of serious crimes. According to immigrants-rights groups, it's more like 20 percent.)

Just saying — maybe not as fine and dandy a situation as Napolitano wants the nation to believe. Looks like Obama's working his buns off for that conservative vote. Is it worth it? Share your thoughts.

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