Do you want to be America's next top web geek? Then has Tyra Banks got a job for you. Ms. Banks is looking for a general manager to run a new fashion-lifestyle website she's launching alongside the folks behind Demand Media, that content factory that hires journalists to write how-to articles for $15 a shot.

Hopefully Queen Tyra will be more generous with this gig. If it's anything like America's Next Top Model, the hoops you'll have to jump through will include:

-Crying during your interview. Tell Banks how all the other girls are straight bitches. She'll understand.

-A runway strut before Banks and her judges: After reviewing your resume on a large screen, she'll tell you if you're still in the running. You'll cry again.

-You'll have to master Tyra's strange, sometimes unintelligible advice, which includes perplexing instructions from deep within her throat, like, Mmm-hmm-hmm, and Add a little bit of ah-huh-huh-huh-hah to that walk!, and You have to channel your inner grrrrrrr girl!.

-In the show Tyra's known for getting behind cameras during photo sessions and snapping away like a pro. She likes to do it all. She'll take over different aspects of the website's production, even if her previous experience with code involves making iTunes purchases with her iPhone. Be prepared to step aside.

-If the show's any indicator, you'll be working with bratty, barely legal women who desperately need to eat a hamburger and spend a day in jail with Lindsay Lohan.

Good luck with that.

LA Weekly