Updated at the bottom with Tyler's mugshot. See also: “Roxy Owner Nic Adler Explains What The Hell Happened.”

Didn't take long for “FREE TYLER” to become relevant again.

Last night, at the tail end of a packed show at the Roxy on Sunset Strip, Tyler Okonma — better known as “Tyler, the Creator” of young hoodlum hip-hop crew OFWGKTA — threw a classic rockstar fit when the sound crew reportedly shut off his mic. It was enough for West Hollywood sheriff's deputies to show up and haul him off to the station.

Screenwriter Alan Yang, who attended the show (along with some other big names), shot the following video of Tyler unleashing his fury on the Roxy's sound equipment:

Then came the arrest. Via TMZ:

Cops say, “As [Tyler] was being escorted to a nearby radio car, the crowd exiting the venue became angry and rushed into the street, towards deputies.”

Cops called for backup and closed down Sunset Blvd for 30 minutes to regain control of the situation. Eventually the crowd dispersed and no one was injured.

“Officers used bean-bag guns to curb the crowd that gathered on the sidewalk,” reported Zap2it early this morning. Local newspaper WeHo Daily likewise had a re-Tweet stream going on the Sunset Boulevard riot:

@meghanfbrittany said, “sunset closed from San Vicente westbound…cops in riot gear and a helicopter…FREE @fucktyler.”

@Daillspot said, “Tyler The Creator just got arrested. Its a fuckin madd house at The Roxy yo!”

@hillarycomstock said, “WTF is going on at the roxy on sunset? Roadblock and swat team?”

@JensenClan88 said, “Bean bags gun out. Crowd gathering outside w/ Tyler cuffed in cop car. Cops seem furious. I've been so focused on free'ing Earl, what now?” Also, this gem:

A series of Instagrams from big-time Hollywood producer Mike Rosenstein have become total scrapbook material for the huge Odd Future fan base. The nation's mainstream music mags must be drooling so hard right now:

Credit: Mike Rosenstein via Instagram

Credit: Mike Rosenstein via Instagram

Updates to come on Tyler's status with the West Hollywood sheriff's station. One thing we do know — he's back on Twitter this morning, pulling his usual mindfuck: “Whoa, Its Stories On Me Being In Jail? The Fuck? I Wasnt In No Jail Or Arrested Or Nothing.” Meanwhile, here's the priceless TMZ video of his (apparently proud) “arrest for vandalism” last night.

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Credit: L.A. County Sheriff's Department

Credit: L.A. County Sheriff's Department

Update: Mugshots don't lie, man. (See right.)

Despite Tyler's online denial, sheriff's officials tell the Los Angeles Times “he was arrested on a felony vandalism charge at the Roxy Theatre.” More from the Times followup:

Los Angeles County sheriff's officials said they arrested Okonma Thursday night after security guards at the Roxy Theatre, where Okonma was performing with his group, Odd Future, reported he had destroyed a soundboard. …

Okonma was released on $20,000 bail.

So worth it though. “I Will Forever Look At That Video Like Fuck, That Was Gnarly. Like When Im Old And 40 And Cant Do That Anymore. I Love Doing RADICALS b,” the rapper Tweeted this morning.

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