Fact is that in the United States, we have a free press that we expect to do fact checking, and in the era of fake news, whatever that means, it implies that there is an obligation to fact check a story. And of course, we’re told that, in fact, right now that White House said they have all sorts of facts. White House says that there is fake news. Well, how do you determine that? You do what is called fact checking. Now, there are, in fact, two organizations: The Washington Post and the other PolitiFact out of Florida that are basically dedicated to checking facts, primarily aimed at the president. Fair enough…

The whole concept of fact-checking would seem to be so fundamental to journalists that unless you’re writing a society column, that it would seem that fact checking would be really fundamental to your business. And now it is sort of assumed that there still remains one exception: marijuana. What it has really become (whatever you want to call it), a custom, a habit, an addiction to reefer madness that for decades the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), whose mission is the suppression of illegal drugs. They will say alcohol is a drug. Tobacco is a drug.

But if it’s not an illegal drug, then you aren’t dealing with drug abuse. And so NIDA doesn’t deal with that. But NIDA also operates under a law that prohibits any research that would support legalization of marijuana, so that all of the research that NIDA funded for cannabis was aimed at showing the harm that’s caused by cannabis, not any possible beneficial use, and certainly not any criticism of the prohibition as policies such as completing marijuana and heroin as schedule one drugs. So there’s no difference between marijuana and heroin.

Did you hear that, kids? Heroin and marijuana are both schedule one drugs. If you can’t find any weed, go get you some smack. Oh, yeah, and smoke it. Don’t shoot it up. I know that applies to marijuana, too.

You have decades and decades of the latest research, which would be breathlessly reported by The Washington Post, The New York Times, and thereby all the rest of the country, because they are always right. So that whatever it was that was said about marijuana, as long as it was negative, was bound to, you know, be printed in all of the very best sources.

The other day, oh, a few months or so ago, Joe Biden quoted as saying, well, he was concerned that marijuana was a gateway drug.

It was really interesting that almost everybody laughed.

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Yeah, Joe and Joe, you know, Joe. And so fact is, is that the former vice president was a drug warrior. The former vice president who is supposed to get big support in the African-American community has supported locking up huge numbers of African-Americans.

With friends like these…

But anyway, good old Joe says that he thinks marijuana is a gateway drug. And literally, you know, I don’t think the DEA is saying that anymore. But this is, you know, again, just one example of how out of touch a particularly prominent politician can be. The thing is about the gateway drug, they pick up a logic textbook. One of the basic concepts of logic is the difference between correlation and causality. The rooster crows, the sun comes up. Now, the rooster may be totally delusional, but I doubt if he even thinks that the sun is coming up. You know how. Come on, know that that is every day. Any fool can barely see. The rooster crows and the sun comes up.

There is a gateway effect that roosters growing in the logic textbook you will find that is in Latin of course post hoc ergo propter hoc: “After that, therefore because of that.”

And now decades later, somebody explain the joke to Joe Biden. This is still going on today.

Dories said the other day they gave a whole lot of THC to monkeys and the monkey’s kids were wacko. That proves folks don’t give your monkeys THC. The little monkeys of America are dependent on you to protect the next generation of monkeys coming up. Also, don’t let the monkeys have guns either!

Richard Cowan is a former National Director of NORML, and founder of CBD Seniors

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