Two Nights of Odesza: Grammy-nominated Washington state electronic duo Odesza put on a visually stunning performance and they have just released the Last Goodbye album – their first in five years. It’ll be great to hear the new stuff live, as they headline two LA arena shows.

This writer spoke to Odesza on 2018, soon after the A Moment Apart album came out and they said: “We tried to take it in a different direction. We tried to push the envelope a little bit more. It’s a darker album than we’ve done in the past—more cinematic, with very orchestral moments, a lot of string arrangements. So we really focused on songwriting and refining these organic sounds as far as the album goes. We stepped away a little bit further back from that synth production producer world, and wanted to really make an album that felt like it had a feel that would last longer than a trend or anything like that. Something that had some heart to it. I hope we came through that way.”

Of the electronic music scene in general, they said: “It’s always evolving, the electronic scene. We both talked about this recently, where it’s kind of hit a point of saturation, especially in the mainstream world. Everyone’s waiting for the next thing, and really standing by and hopefully the sound evolves to something new and exciting, and I think it will, but we’re all just standing by to see what that is. We’re actually really keen to get writing again, start experimenting with new stuff, and push our stuff as far as we can. It’s an interesting time, and the future is kinda uncertain, but the next couple of years are going to be really exciting.”

Two Nights of Odesza: The event takes place at 7 p.m. on Thursday, August 11 and Friday, August 12 at the Forum.

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