Update: The remaining Corgis show up in Compton! Stay tuned for how, and by whom, they were found.

Trace and Didi, two fluffy show dogs who were stolen Tuesday — one worth $250,000 and the other $100,000 — jumped into the arms of owner Kristina Rickard yesterday, with only two days remaining before a Best in Show blowout at the Long Beach Convention Center. [LA Daily News]

Tuesday at 6 a.m., Rickard and her boyfriend discovered their 2006 Chevrolet Express van, along with the two Akitas and two Pembroke Welsh Corgis (Bunny and Peter), had been stolen from outside their Motel 6 in Bellflower.

Where, exactly did the van turn up, two Akitas still in tow? But of course: Compton! We so called that one.

Investigators said yesterday that they suspected the thief was after the van, not the dogs. But surely, after getting wind he was in possession of precious cargo — worth an estimated half-million total — he grabbed all the dog-matter he could carry and ran.

Crap! Which ones are the Akikis? Apparently not so well-versed in the breeding of small show dogs, our criminal chose the Corgis, quoted at a lesser sum of $150,000. Dammit.

Not that it matters anyway: Rickard would like to make it very clear that Bunny and Peter are worth nothing without their American Kennel Club paperwork. (The Corgis are technically not hers; she just shows them stateside for her “Japanese clients.” They're also implanted with “identifying microchips.” WTF. We could swear there's a heist in here somewhere.)

Some more disclaimers, just in case you were judging the owners for leaving their $500,000 show dogs in a sketchy white van in Bellflower overnight:

They had brought three other dogs with them inside the motel room, but left the Akitas in the van, with the Corgis, where it would be cooler for the thick-furred dogs. The windows were cracked so the dogs could get fresh air.

Will they be returned before the AKC/Eukanuba National Championships? We'll keep you posted! Until then, listen for a sharp, highly irritating small-dog yip and be very suspicious of even the friendliest-looking old lady taking her hairy little hot dog out for a stroll.

Sheriffs' Detective Ron Vande Vegte can be reached at (562) 925-0124. Our powers combined, OK guys?

(As far as we know, no one got a reward for the first two dogs. Which leaves more for the second two, right? We're still waiting for Vande Vegte to call back with the scoop. Sigh.)

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