Imagine if the NextDoor app were narrated by two funny writers who love their neighborhood. That's the best way I can describe Los Feliz: The Podcast. It is hyperlocal at its core but it's not all gadfly news. It's entertaining, especially for locals, and the hosts —TV comedy writers Morgan Murphy and Robin Shorr — have the right chemistry to make it worthwhile. “We're two Jews who live five houses apart. We're gonna get together and talk — why not invite other neighbors into it?” Murphy says.

Self-proclaimed “Hillhurst gals,” Murphy and Shorr interview friends, neighbors, local business owners and legit celebrities, such as actor Adam Godley — and all the guests have a connection to Los Feliz, of course. The podcast, part of L.A.-based Feral Audio, is filled with practical gems such as where to get free mulch and what to order at nearby restaurants. “It's our duty to share our discoveries. If word-of-mouth can help What the Fish sell another poké bowl, we've done our job.” says Shorr. It's pretty specific but, hey, if you live in the area, it's also really fucking useful. 

Morgan Murphy and Robin Shorr are educating their neighbors.; Credit: Courtesy Morgan Murphy and Robin Shorr

Morgan Murphy and Robin Shorr are educating their neighbors.; Credit: Courtesy Morgan Murphy and Robin Shorr

Here are the best neighborhood secrets we learned from listening to episode one.

  • There's a new, popular wine bar at Gelson's (with a live band!) where the workers will shop for you while you chill. Bring reusable grocery bags and take a ride-share home, Shorr and Murphy responsibly suggest.
  • The dude Cami who works at Hillhurst Liquor is friendly AF and will give your dog lots of treats. He'll also cut you deals on boxes of booze, so be sure to stock up there for your next party.
  • You can keep a tab open at Baller Hardware, making it easier than ever to send handymen/-women out to buy shit for you. This is seriously a game changer for every human who dreads Home Depot.
  • The intersection at Finley and Commonwealth avenues needs a stop sign, and you probably should give your ride-share driver a heads-up to avoid any accidents. But don't worry, it could be changing soon. Podcast guest Ron says he's been pushing for change at neighborhood council meetings.
  • If you need a early bird pick-me-up, the Drawing Room opens at 6 a.m. and closes at 2 a.m. so basically you can get tipsy any time of day. That's an extraordinary discovery, if you ask me.

And one last thing: If you're at Lassens, Murphy likes the egg salad wrap and Shorr recommends trying the honey peanut butter made in-house. There you have it. You will never struggle again to make a lunch order.

Los Feliz: The Podcast drops every Wednesday. You can subscribe here.

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