The Twitter “geography of hate” map that's getting so much buzz has nary a splotch of color in Southern California, indicating we are indeed some mellow, peace-loving liberals.

Yes, while the Southeast rages with more racial and homophobic outbursts than a redneck with Tourette syndrome, according to this study of Twitter language from a California college, SoCal is as calm as the Pacific on a warm spring day. Except …

… that Orange County is the frigging hatred capital of the nation!

According to a summary of the research, which was unveiled over the weekend by Humboldt State University, …

… Orange County, California has the highest absolute number of tweets mentioning many of the slurs …

Credit: Humboldt State University

Credit: Humboldt State University

O.C., you make us proud.

The only the reason that our friends to the south didn't constitute a huge red blotch on the map is that the hateful tweets were well outnumbered by the total number of tweets.

In other words, O.C.'s per capita hate was low, given the huge volume of social media shout outs in SoCal.

But still, there's got to be something here.

OC Weekly's Gustavo Arellano says, ” … There are many haters here, more haters per number than anywhere else in the country, but they're being increasingly drowned out by the Reconquista.”

In a region where Latinos reign in population size, it's hard to get a word in, apparently.

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