With their “One Night at the Raw Deal” 12″ now out on Italians Do It Better (home of Glass Candy), Twisted Wires could be poised to become the next big thing in dance music. However, their tracks are nowhere near typical club fair. Instead, Twisted Wires loves reverb and delays, epic drums and the sort of slightly sinister whispers you would expect to find on an aging 4AD record. The band combines the tense atmosphere of the horror and suspense film scores that inspire them with an ethereal approach to dance music that has been largely absent since the days of groups like One Dove and Seefeel.

“We've been inspired by music for cinema and dance music,” says Richard Durham of Twisted Wires, “but nobody's hired us to do the former, so we ended up doing the latter most of the time.”

If the group's sound weren't unusual enough for listeners, the back story is. Twisted Wires features Houston-based Durham and Mary Sharpe along with LA-based Tex Kerschen and Erika Thrasher (Indian Jewelry). They collaborate primarily via email, a process that Durham describes as “kind of cumbersome, but it works.” The band is “really young,” having only played its first show in March. They've played only five shows since forming, two of which have been in Los Angeles. Yet, the band is optimistic that they will be able to release a full-length album by the end of the year.

“It's been really surprising,” says Durham. “We kind of don't know what to do with that much momentum yet. We'll figure it out.”

Twisted Wires joins Testicular Manslaughter for M/R/X-Wolfpak this Saturday at Roberto's in Chinatown.

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