Um, is this a thing now? People wearing dresses made out of balloons? The outfits probably make a sound like bubble-wrap when you sit down. I wonder if those girls are naked under those balloons. 
I don't know the why, or the where, or pretty much even the how. Except I would like to see in the girl in the yellow wrestle with a porcupine. Also, if you fill the balloons with helium, do the girls float up into the air? So many questions. 
Images via here. I scrolled through the comments on the link, and man, the arguments in the world of balloon fashion are fierce. Oops, sorry, my New Years Resolution is never, ever to use the word “fierce” again (unless referring to a mountain lion). This is the best comment, from “Marie,” a fier…fiesty defender of the trend: 

I have personally met every one of the artist's showcased and am close friends with several.

I don't understand the comments such as, “Wish I had a pin,” any more than a mainstream artist would understand, “Boy, I wish I could take that painting of yours and just cut it into a million pieces.”

How do you sit down? You don't. You're displaying a piece, not slipping into sweats.

What happens if they pop? Stay away from cacti and chances are you may lose a bubble or two, but that's about it.

Balloon dresses, balloon couture and balloon fashions of all sorts have become very popular. For those lucky enough to experience them, it's something you won't soon forget.

“Balloon couture”? Really? Ah, hell. Welcome to the new year.

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