What’s not to love about Har Mar Superstar? He’s funky, he’s funny and (he looks like) he’s super-cuddly. It’s no wonder the hipster set gets its Star shine on so much (The Strokes’ Fab Moretti, who often performs with him, is a BFF). Nightranger’s a fan too, so when we heard the singer was filming a TV pilot at the Little Radio warehouse, we had to investigate. We didn’t expect to get wrangled into actually being in the thing (for a scene) though — and enjoy every minute of it. The sitcom is a tale of rock & roll redemption based on Har Mar’s life — with some interesting twists (literally). His band mate steals his signature dance movesand subsequently his fame — and the crooner must struggle to get it back in the episodes that follow. In our scene, Har Mar and his bandmate approach a club where they’re about to perform. A line (including yours truly) has formed outside. They get out of a (rented) Escalade and drolly converse: “Another night in Hollywood.” “We’re gonna get boned tonight!” “By who?” “Everybody!”

Okay, it ain’t gonna win any awards, but the absurdities of the party-like-a-rockstar mentality are so ripe for parody, aren’t they? Check out the recent Dim Mak signee’s sassy/silly soul rock at the Neighborhood Festival along with the likes of Mickey Avalon and The Faint at Exposition Park on September 29.

And speaking of downtown street parties, we ran into promoter Stephen Hauptfuhr on the set, and he broke some big New Year’s Eve news exclusively to us: He’s closing down part of downtown for his NYE Tik Tok bash with confirmed talent including the Klaxons (deejaying), Whitey, Uberzone, Bionic Disco and more biggies TBA. Now we know where we’ll be ringing in ’08 — or at least part of it.


Before we start thinking ­about next year, though, there are the holidays to contend with. Our calendar is definitely marked for World of Wonder’s “Hollyween” exhibits curated by actor Daniel Franzese (the gay guy in Mean Girls) in October, and “Tit-mas” shows (curated by Lenora Claire of Golden Gals Gone Wild fame) in December. If last Friday night’s “Celebritism” opening, featuring works from fearless photog Austin Young, was any indication, these fetes are gonna be anything but “another night in Hollywood.” Tweaking icon worship with his vintage framed shots of Marilyn Monroe–esque creatures and nude poster-size images of local luminaries like Mario Diaz and female-to-male (partial) tranny Buck Angel — not to mention an interactive window display with assorted freaks in blond wigs and white Marilyn dresses — this show brought out a host of fabulous guests including America’s Next Top Model makeup artist Sutan, Angus Oblong (creator of The Oblongs cartoon), operatic drag queen Squeaky Blonde and self-proclaimed “21st-Century Renaissance Man” Kim Fowley.He not only gave us the scoop on the upcoming Runaways movie, Neon Angels — to be directed by video princess Floria Sigismondi — but gave us a glimpse of his androgynous character/alter ego the “Satan of Silver Lake” from his “mascara and madness epic” Dollboy. He even took off his pants at one point to reveal a dress underneath! Yikes. As for the Joan Jett/Cherie Curie–backed biopic, we wondered how the not-exactly-beloved Fowley might be portrayed. His answer? “An American Malcolm McLaren version of General George S. Patton.” Not that he cares. As writer and producer of many of the girl band’s tunes, he stands to make bank on the soundtrack.

From the crowd to the art to the mortified Walk of Fame tourists who peeked into the party throughout the night, the Warholian gathering was as warped and wonderful as WOW’s TV productions. But the best (or worst?) is yet to come even before their holiday happenings, when the gallery presents “Just Britney” next Saturday, September 28. The night of Spears-inspired art will include a sculpture of her likeness made out of bubblegum and artist Jamie Boling’s much-buzzed-about “Snake Charmer,” a 6-foot-by-10-foot painting of the poptart’s pantyless car-exit crotch shot (which apparently had to be covered when Barack Obama visited the Virginia gallery where it used to hang). Ya gotta see this one, y’all.


Talk about ironic. Our week of fame fixation was capped off with a real, honest-to-god, celeb-packed soiree: People Magazine and Entertainment Tonight’s Post Emmy Bash at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Wowzee. From the Godiva chocolate “bar” to makeup and skin-care freebies to the clusterfuck of couture (and, of course, cameras), this one was a beautiful mess of excess. Duran Duran were the perfect choice to perform too. Hits like “Notorious,” “Girls on Film” and “Wild Boys” were more than a little fitting for this diamond-drenched crowd, who really got down to the former heartthrobs. Actress Geri Ryan was right up front gyrating, and we spotted William H. Macy and wife Felicity Huffman rockin’ to “The Reflex” too. At one point during DD’s dance fest, the wing of some dude’s Emmy (we didn’t recognize him) actually got caught on our purse! Surreal. Though the star sightings at soirees like this are too numerous to even list, we did have a nice exchange with Tori Spelling and her hubby (whose Oxygen TV show coincidentally is produced by World of Wonder) and Entourage’sRex Lee. Both were almost as sweet as the Godivas.

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