At Comic-Con's preview night, held Wednesday evening at the San Diego Convention Center, the talk was all about the line.

“What is that line for?” person after person asked after seeing people row of tents running across the courtyard between the Convention Center and the neighboring hotel.

The crowd, a mix heavy on the ladies ranging teenagers to senior citizens, had arrived for one reason, Twilight. On Wednesday, at 1:45 p.m., Comic-Con will be hosting a panel featuring the stars of Twilight and footage from New Moon. The fans can't help but grin when they mention this.

This is just one section of the line for Twilight.

This is just one section of the line for Twilight.

We heard of one person who, in what might actually be an urban legend, showed up Tuesday night to save a spot. The bulk of the people at the front of the line arrived early Wednesday morning. The campers all seemed to come in packs, even if they were traveling from different parts of the country (or world), and were oftentimes associated with Twilight fansites.

This seemed to have been carefully planned. We heard that one person could hold a spot in line for three people, so the various Twilight circles had organized to rotate in and out of line through the night. Still, they had lounge chairs and coolers ready for the night. We met a group comprised of members of the fansites Twilight Series Theories and Twilight Lexicon, who had spots near the front of the line, the prize for showing up at the Convention Center at 8 a.m. I asked what they had packed for this excursion.

“Computers, so we can blog,” answered Kallie Mathews of Dallas.

“BlackBerry, books,” added Jen Lamoureaux.

Keep tuned for more updates from San Diego Comic-Con.

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