Occupy versus Twilight:

Both are camped out in tent cities downtown. Both have a love-hate relationship with blood suckers (Wall Street, vampires).

Both, apparently, are comprised of jobless nerds with enough free time to hang out in tents for days on end. (We kid, sort of).

So who wins the population game?

The Twihards at LA Live have been camping out since Wednesday for a chance just to see the red carpet action outside tonight's premier of Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1.

Occupy 'Twilight' in downtown L.A.; Credit: @AngieCrouch

Occupy 'Twilight' in downtown L.A.; Credit: @AngieCrouch

The Twilight fans' numbers outside LA Live have been estimated at about 1,000.

Public showings begin Thursday at midnight.

As for Occupy L.A? We're told it recently broke the 400-tent mark outside City Hall. Say there are two people to each tent, that's about 800. But … that assumes everyone is there overnight. They're not.

But … we'll give Occupy extra credit for having been around for more than a month. The movement even has its own library (you can't say that for the Twihards). And … Occupy L.A. is there for a cause. Twihards? Not so much.

Still, the numbers don't lie.

So … Occupy Twilight wins. (Smells better too).


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