Hollywood actor and Southern California resident Nick Afanasiev has the longest tongue in the United States, according to San Diego television station Fox 5. Measuring 3.5 inches from the middle of his closed top lip to the tip of his tongue, Afanasiev's tongue is just 0.36 shorter than that of Stephen Taylor, the world record holder for the world's longest tongue.

Afanasiev was launched into fame after YouTube videos of his extraordinarily tongue received more than one million views.

“I knew it was long; I just didn't know it was one of the longest.” Afanasiev told the news station.

The 20-year-old actor began his career after landing a brief appearance at Nickelodeon's iCarly for his record-breaking tongue.

According a biography on his personal website, Afanasiev “fell in love with being in front of a camera” after his Nickelodeon shoot.

“Just days after returning home from the set, he began to take film/TV acting classes at Robert Wald Actor's Studio, and with Billy Cowart at WCI Studios,” the site reads.

Afanasiev says that he hopes his tongue will help further his acting career.

LA Weekly