And all through the streets, the Empire’s stormtroopers marched in Hollywood’s heat. And when they arrived at the domed movie house, they found costumed creatures in waiting; they couldn’t be roused. Over on Hollywood and Highland, the LAPD were stationed with care, for Jimmy Kimmel Live arranged a free concert and Audioslave would soon be there. While visions of other free concerts danced in the officers’ heads — System of a Down and a riot, they remember it well — the cops prepared for the worst but hoped it’d be swell. When out on the stage there arose such a cool clatter, fans sprang to their feet to hear Chris Cornell sing “Your Time Has Come” and talk of issues that matter. Of course the crowd grew too numerous; of course arrests were made; of course the concert was shut down early, but not before ABC’s pictures were saved. Meanwhile, back at the ArcLight, costumed ticket holders lined the street; the countdown to midnight was almost complete. Now Anakin! Now Luke! Now Chewbacca and Yoda! On Padmé and Leia! You may now take your seats!

Star Wars or Audioslave? These masses are gathered for Chris Cornell and Audioslave.

Chris Cornell incites.

Jedi youngling and his Cyclops mom

Princess Leia waits her turn.

March of the stormtroopers

Photos by Kevin Scanlon, except Jedi youngling by Mark Hunter

LA Weekly