Ah summer TV. It's really shititlicious fun aint it? Painting the town is what I do, but that doesn't mean I don't love my tube time. My DVR always gets a workout, even in Summer.

Actually, there's so many Los Angeles-based/themed shows these days, I'm not even joking when I say reality show viewing is like research. Brain-cell burning research!

Thus, I begin here, a new weekly Style Council summation of LA-nightlife related programming. Read on and check back each week for observations about the good (girls), the bad (boys) and the ugly (truth not seen on TV):

ROCK OF LOVE– Just when you thought VH1 couldn't outdo the cringe-worthy mayhem of Flavor of Love and I Love New York comes this studded belt slut-fest starring Poison's Bret Michaels. I loved the ghetto gal cat fights on the first two shows, but as a former Sunset Strip rock reveler, this one hits a little too close to home. Michaels looks terrible and the bitchy babes on the show do a disservice to rock chicks everywhere. It ain't 1987 anymore sweethearts. Gazzarri's is gone.

LA hotspot sighting last week: Bret Michaels serenades a contestant at The Joint.

THE ROCK LIFE- Whitestarr a struggling little rock band? That's how they're portrayed on this new reality show on VH1. Even though they show Cisco Adler's Malibu spread and talk about his dad, uber-producer Lou Adler, they don't mention the family connection to “The World Famous Roxy” -the place where the group hopes to get its big management break in the series opener. Surprisingly, Adler comes off pretty cool. It's guitarist “Rainbow” Jeremy that'll make you gag with the jerky treatment of his girlfriend and self-centered rockstar 'tude. This rainbow don't come off too bright either.

LA hotspot sighting: The Viper Room, where Adler flashed his balls for all the web (it was posted everywhere the next day) to see.

ENTOURAGE- Not a reality show, but close to it. I always have fun trying to spot local bars, clubs and eateries on this HBO must-see. So far this season Vincent Chase and posse have been to Winstons, the W Hotel pool, Gladstones and surely a bunch more. But it's Aquaman's new abode that's really interesting. It's the home of none other than club mogul Sam Nazarian.

LA sighting coming up: Sam Nazarian himself will make an appearance.

THE HILLS- The creme de la creme of super-fake “reality” shows. The new season of this ridiculous MTV chronicle of life in big, bad Hollywood starring The OC alum Lauren, is actually kinda interesting now that the stars are feuding. Spencer and Heidi may be the most obnoxious TV duo EVER, but they are hilarious. (He bought her an engagement ring at mall accessory hut ICE last week -cheap!- and decorated their apartment with a giant, gaudy graffiti piece that says “Hollywood” -cheese!)

LA hotspot sighting: Les Deux. Not seen: Audrina and her date Justin Bobby at Forty Deuce. I was there the same night and it was good times (see photo).

LA INK– Kat Von D from TLC's Miami Ink is back in her hometown with a new shop on La Brea called High Voltage and her own show. Nothing bad to say about this one. As a Los Angeles native, I'm actually stoked to see someone with so much LA pride. People from all walks of life and their tats will be featured (a member of Latin punks Los Abandoned got a chest piece last week). LA is more than phonies, wanna-bes and airheads (a notion the above shows only perpetuate) and this program promises to show the other side. We'll see…

LA hotspot sightings: Swingers, Velvet Margarita, Pinks.