Turner Talent Helps Aspiring Actors and Models of All Kinds Achieve Success

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The talent market has been exciting to watch grow. Through the years the industry has taken huge steps towards inclusivity making it an available opportunity for everyone. While there may be some limitations to the jobs a person can take based on factors such as their appearance, age , or background, there are jobs out there  for anyone interested in modeling and acting, and a talent development program such as Turner Talent can help find these placements.

What Turner Talent does

Turner Talent is a Florida-based talent development team that works with aspiring actors and models to give them the genuine, honest advice and connections they need to successfully navigate the complex talent industry. Led by mother-daughter duo Kelli and Erica Turner — who each have experience both in front of and behind the camera — Turner Talent boasts strong reviews that praise their ability to provide valuable guidance.

Turner Talent’s signature offering is their Casting-Coaching-Connections program, which is designed to help prepare aspiring actors and models for success in the industry. The program consists of a series of easy-to-follow online video guides and one-on-one sessions with Turner Talent’s experienced team. Those who take part in the program will learn vital skills for success in the talent industry, such as common lingo, audition techniques, set etiquette, and more.

Ultimately, the Turner Talent team’s main goal is to help their clients achieve their dreams. The talent industry tends not to be particularly friendly for newcomers, and those attempting to navigate it for the first time will likely feel overwhelmed and confused. Navigating the talent industry can be a seemingly insurmountable challenge, especially for clients from underrepresented backgrounds. However, the Turner Talent team is there to serve as a kind and trustworthy source for clients to ask any questions they may have.

Working with talent of all kinds

With clientele from a wide range of ages, appearances, and backgrounds, Turner Talent aims to help people from all backgrounds and walks of life achieve their dreams of modeling and acting. The Turners hope that their work with members of underrepresented communities will remind aspiring actors and models that there is a place for them in the industry, even though it might take time for them to find that niche where they can thrive.

For example, Kim Gabriel is a client Turner Talent worked with to help her experience her “second act.” After gaining experience working on the stage when she was younger, Gabriel took what was intended to be a short-term break to raise her family, but soon turned into a long-term hiatus. After more than 20 years out of the industry, Turner Talent helped Gabriel make her return. For older performers, making a comeback can often be difficult, so Turner Talent’s work is all the more impressive.

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Kim Gabriel

“Turner Talent was instrumental in my meeting agents, and offered support to get on sets in which I gained valuable insight,” says Gabriel. “Turner Talent is an extraordinary help in the acting and modeling community. They make sure that anyone interested in this arena has the knowledge to succeed and avoid the pitfalls of scams just trying to make a quick buck or lead uninformed potential talent down the wrong road.”

Turner Talent also works with differently abled actors, one of whom — Bella Smith — says the Turner Talent program was pivotal to her success. “Before working with Turner Talent, I didn’t know anything about modeling or acting, so it was nice to get those tips from them,” Smith explains. “Since working with Turner Talent, I have been able to shoot with Disney twice and have gotten multiple auditions for different commercials and prints.”

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Bella Smith

How Turner Talent’s transparency makes them stand out

Turner Talent’s core philosophy revolves around transparency. Unfortunately, the talent industry is not known for being authentic or upfront with its clients. Turner Talent hopes to shift this perception by treating their clients with complete openness and — often blunt — honesty. When working with clients from unique backgrounds and types, they are fully transparent about what the client’s prospects in the industry might be and help them navigate the complex landscape of the acting and modeling industries.

Many of Turner Talent’s clients have been able to use the Turners’ system to book even more jobs. As a talent development program, Turner Talent provides clients with extensive resources that can be used together with an agent to help secure more jobs. These resources can be pivotal to the success of those in the talent industry from diverse and unique backgrounds.

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Dorian Gayle

“My experience working with Turner Talent has been wonderful,” Gayle says. “All of my co-workers have been great and everyone is very professional. I’ve accomplished being in various film, modeling, and acting projects, but I would have never achieved my goals in the industry if it wasn’t for Turner Talent training and coaching.”

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Samuel Prim

“Turner Talent has helped me get more roles than anything else I’ve tried,” says Samuel Prim, a client of Turner Talent. “From small parts to big roles, this agency has helped me continue to add more and more to my resume.”

Turner Talent’s reputation speaks for itself: the Turners have plenty of experience working with talent from all walks of life and helping them achieve their ambitious goals of becoming an actor or model. Many people dream of reaching these heights, but with a team like Turner Talent on your side, it doesn’t have to stay a dream — it can become a reality.

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