There’s a reason boho perfumer Sanae Barber decided to call her company Sanae Intoxicants. “It was because of the way people were responding to them,” says Barber, who blends her fragrances in Los Feliz. “They would have these very elated or emotional reactions, almost like they were experiencing a natural high.” Born in Japan to globetrotting parents, Sanae (whose name means “little rice sprout” in Japanese) lived in Saudi Arabia, D.C. and Nashville before moving to California, where she studied bodywork, energy health and holistic well-being. She started blending the perfumes for herself a year ago, sourcing hard-to-find botanicals to create heady, unisex scents that seemed to create an olfactory scene wherever she went. Besieged by requests from friends and strangers wanting to purchase the perfumes, Barber launched her company, with noted Eastside artist Alia Penner designing the packaging and folk musician Bonnie Prince Billy asking Barber to create a special scent just for him. Needless to say, he was intoxicated. —Caroline Ryder

LA Weekly