Often called the planet's most controversial speaker, international best-selling author David Icke has been the closest thing to a rock star the conspiratorially minded have had. But as cracks in the evilarchy appear — thanks to Wikileaks, Wisconsin protesters and democratic ideals blossoming in strange new places — it's looking less like theory and more like fact. From the Koch brothers' “Billionaire Caucus” to the slime accumulating in the White House, can we crush the “Illuminati global fascist structure”? Can a global shift in consciousness, which some believe is the real fulfillment of the Mayans' 2012 prophecy, what Icke refers to as Truth Vibrations — take place instead? In his only planned West Coast appearance, the fringe pin-up will focus much of his all-day presentation on material from his near 700-page tome Human Race, Get Off Your Knees/The Lion Sleeps No More. The former BBC anchorman utilizes slides and zingers to urge us “take back the world from the sinister network that covertly controls us from cradle to grave.” Just what is reality? How is it manipulated? And by whom? While some of his material may seem outlandish (humanity is collectively manipulated from the moon, an artificial satellite), he reminds us, “Fact is more fantastic than fiction.” But bring a pillow — there's a lot of illusion to smash.

Sat., March 26, 10 a.m.-6 p.m., 2011

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