Trois Mec is the subject of this week's restaurant review. For the full experience in all its glory, please read the review over in our food section. But there's a few extra tidbits below, so read on for info on the wine list that wasn't in the review, as well as a brief rundown on the main things you need to know about Trois Mec.

Vital Statistics: Trois Mec is owned and operated by Ludo Lefebvre, along with partners Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo. Shook and Dotolo of course also own Animal and Son of a Gun, and Lefebvre has a long history in L.A., but has spent much of the last few years perfecting the art of the pop-up with his series LudoBites.

Bait and Switch: It's hard to get into Trois Mec, and not for all the usual reasons that it's hard to get into a hot new restaurant. First there's the reservation policy, or rather, online ticketing system. Then there's the fact that the restaurant only has 24 seats, so tickets go very, very quickly. Also, the restaurant is kind of hidden, with a sign that might have you believe it's a pizza joint and not a $100-a-person tasting-menu-only purveyor of haute cuisine.

Food: The fun part of Trois Mec is that it's so small — you get to sit at the counter and watch as Ludo and his team put together one very special dish after another. Dinner consists of five courses plus a flurry of snacks. Dishes are composed, creative and fun without veering into overly dramatic plating or the culinary theatrics Lefebvre often employed at LudoBites. This food is elegant and delicious above all else.

Drinks: The restaurant offers a mainly French wine list, with some truly fantastic bottles, most of which are in the $60-100 range, though there are much cheaper and much, much more expensive options. You can have wines paired with your meal for $49 per person (the pairing option may also include sake, beer or cider), or buy one of a few glass pours offered every night, though I don't recommend this option as the glass pours can be ridiculously small. I paid $14 one evening for what was probably under 2-oz. of rose, and most glasses are closer to $20. Go for the pairing or the whole bottle. The restaurant does not allow patrons to bring in their own wines.

Takeaway: 4 stars (excellent). Trois Mec is the most exciting, most fun, most delicious restaurant to open in L.A. in recent memory, simple as that. Set your alarm. Buy a ticket.

Read the full review here.

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