It's hard to imagine what could be more petit than Trois Mec, the already quite petit restaurant owned by Ludo Lefebvre, Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo at the corner of Highland and Melrose. And yet “petit” is what they're calling the spinoff restaurant next door: Lefebvre announced via Twitter on New Year's Eve that the trio would be opening Petit Trois in the space that was Tasty Thai.

“Believe it or not, it's actually smaller than Trois Mec,” Dotolo says of the new project.

Lefebvre, who incidentally is appearing again as one of the hosts of ABC's The Taste on tonight's season 2 premiere, seemed pretty excited about the restaurant he called “our new little baby”:

A tweet from Ludo Lefebvre on 12/31; Credit:

A tweet from Ludo Lefebvre on 12/31; Credit:

As far as concept and food, that remains up in the air. “First and foremost, we're excited to be able to offer something new to that neighborhood,” Dotolo says. “Knock on wood, we will be getting a full liquor license, so that's something we know. As far as food goes, we've kicked some ideas around, but nothing's set in stone. We probably cycled through 10 or 15 ideas with Trois Mec before we landed on what it became.”

When asked about a timeline, Dotolo says, “It'd be awesome if we were open by summer. That would be great. But we literally just got the keys. It's a great Christmas present, a great Hanukkah present, a great New Year's present.”

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