Trends in Luxury Jewelry and Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings: Liori Diamonds

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3 Carat Round Brilliant Petite 6 Prong Micropavé 

LVMH, the European luxury conglomerate, has achieved a significant milestone by becoming one of the top 10 companies in the world by market capitalization. Following its strong first-quarter sales, LVMH’s share price surged by 5%, leading to a 29% increase in its stock value this year. Investors are increasingly drawn to LVMH and its French luxury rivals as their growth remains robust even during economic downturns. Luxury investments, like designer jewelry and real estate, have long been seen as a safe haven during economic uncertainty. This trend has continued, with robust sales driving LVMH’s stock price to new heights.

LVMH, Hermes International, and Kering have all seen average returns of over 16% annually over the past decade, while the Stoxx Europe 600 Index lags at 8.3%. LVMH’s recent market success is a testament to the growth of luxury investments and the increasing demand for high-priced goods. Specifically, Tiffany & Co. has been a powerhouse on LVMH’s balance sheet post-acquisition as designer jewelry sales have spiked. LVMH’s annual jewelry and watch revenue increased 18% to $11.5 billion in 2022 from 2021.

While some experts remain cautious about the longevity of luxury sales, LVMH’s impressive performance this year indicates a healthy and evolving luxury jewelry market. However, as time passes, luxury jewelry is evolving as well.

One of the biggest market-disrupting trends in the jewelry industry is the rise of luxury lab-grown diamonds that can truly rival the quality of natural diamonds. As technology progresses, the capabilities of lab-grown diamond manufacturers to create larger and more unique products increase. Jewelry brands like Liori Diamonds are further elevating the industry by utilizing world-class lab-grown diamonds for sophisticated luxury jewelry.

The level to which the lab-grown diamond industry has grown can be best illustrated by the latest trends in engagement rings. Engagement rings are arguably the most important purchase of one’s life as they are tokens of love and are often meant to be statement pieces. Understandably, people spend a great deal of time selecting a ring, looking for the largest and prettiest diamond they can afford.

Now, however, consumers in the know are getting some relief. While lab-grown diamond engagement rings are still not as popular as natural diamond engagement rings, savvy consumers are realizing they can get lab-grown diamond engagement rings that are the same quality as natural diamond engagement rings, but at a fraction of the price. Companies like Liori Diamonds that are committed to investing in premier lab-grown diamond jewelry are pioneers in the industry by democratizing access to these elegant engagement rings with larger lab-grown stones. Liori Diamonds has the industry-leading inventory of engagement rings boasting 10, 15, and 20 carat lab-grown diamonds in fancy colors from yellow to pink to blue, all of which are GIA certified and surprisingly affordable.

For example, a 3-carat natural diamond engagement ring could cost $25,000 compared to a 14-carat lab-grown diamond engagement ring from Liori that costs about $4,000. To this point, the Round Brilliant Micropavé 6 Prong Petite Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring 14k White Gold is one of Liori’s best sellers as the stunning ring is available for about 5x less than a comparable engagement ring with a natural diamond. Those who could only afford a 1 carat ring max can now get a much bigger stone fit for royalty. Furthermore, with Liori’s Home Try On Collection, engaged couples can select up to 5 of their favorite Liori engagement rings to be sent to their home to try on. Simply put, Liori Diamonds helps turn dreams into reality by putting the consumer’s needs first.

As Liori Diamonds, and its Founder and CEO Avi Aranbaiev, continue to advocate for lab-grown diamonds — increasing access to unique jewelry to the public — we will follow the innovative jewelry brand’s next moves.

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