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To welcome Lonely Ghost into the LA streetwear scene, curated vintage apparel brand Springy joined forces with the trend-setter Lonely Ghost to host an unforgettable two day event. The first night of their appearance in LA was an exclusive, invite only moment where invitees came together for live music, tattooing, tooth gems, and most importantly, gifting of a “Ghosted Garments” — Lonely Ghost’s famous line, recently featured at NYFW. Those in attendance were invited to pick a curated piece from Springy, and then have one of six Lonely Ghost logos screen printed onto the item. This made each piece one of a kind, in true Springy fashion.

Lonely Ghost is a Utah based brand founded by influencer and entrepreneur Indy Blue. The brand has been seen on some of the world’s biggest celebrities, including Kourtney Kardashian, and is known and loved for the high fashion feel of its streetwear silhouettes.

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This first part of the event was held on May 12th, with some of the attendees including Jack Wright, Gabby Windey, Allison Rochel, and Ezra Sosa. Those at the event were treated with food and drinks from sponsors that ranged from Solento Tequila to June Shine and so many more. The musical entertainment for the evening was put on by Apphia Castillo who helped bring the vibe of the event to life.

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Co-founder of Springy, Elijah Baig mentions that “since the launch of Ghosted Garments [they’ve] been wanting to collaborate with them and couldn’t be more excited now that it’s finally happening”. This truly embodies the spirit of Springy, as their products are uniquely crafted and literally one of a kind. Springy has made its spot in the vintage market scene and has quickly become one of the most influential vintage sellers in the world. In relation to this collaboration, Springy co-founder Sam Fuson says “Indy is someone who I have followed since high school, really the first creator I ever paid attention to. I related to her because we’re women who were building our own things at a young age”.

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Since its launch in 2019, Lonely Ghost has experienced exponential success in the fashion and retail industries. Co-founder Indy Blue says in regards to the collaboration that “we have been anxious and excited to make our presence known outside of our home state. Coming to LA for an in person event is a big milestone for us”. Known for their iconic collaborations, it comes as no surprise that Lonely Ghost is collaborating with such an influential brand as Springy is. Co-founder of Lonely Ghost, Bronson Christensen, says in regards to why this collaboration is so special that “the Springy team has been incredibly fun to work with. Their team is so pure and are such hustlers. Hours and days have been spent hand selecting and strategizing pieces, it’s been such a fun time!”

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For the second part of the event, the LA community was invited on May 13th to come to the event site and choose from 1,500 carefully curated vintage pieces. This proved to be a huge success, as the streets around the venue were lined with those eager to get their hands on a piece! Five hundred of those pieces were left blank for attendees to choose the graphic that they wanted on them on a first come, first served basis. The available screen prints included Lonely Ghostslogans such as “Growing is Lonely”, “Lonely Springy”, and “Let’s Grow Together”.

A sense of community is something that has always been rooted in the mission of Lonely Ghost, so this event was no different. Lonely Ghost has established a devoted fan base for themselves in their home state of Utah, but with such a massive online presence, they have been able to obtain fans across other states like California. For the future, Lonely Ghost hopes to continue their reach and wants to continue to encourage people to connect with each other.

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