TRENDING: Products in High-Demand

1. Mink Envy

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            If you’re looking for the biggest, boldest false lashes that serve just as much drama as your favorite reality shows, look no further. Mink Envy lashes come in clutch with a variety of lengths, from 13 to 30 millimeters, and over 100 different styles for every eye shape and occasion. Even though they’re giving all the length and volume we could possibly ask for, these lashes are never heavy or bulky on the lid. But it’s not just about looks, for Mink Envy lashes are some of the most durable on the market. Lasting up to 25 wears, they’re known for their incredibly strong band. If you love falsies, you know how frustrating it can be when your band creases right when you take the lash out of its package. Mink Envy founder and CEO, Ashlee Sarai, started her company on a quest to create the perfect false lashes for herself. The final result is still available on their website, the Sarai. A former school bus driver, Sarai quit her day job to follow her dreams and become a beauty boss. At first, she and her husband hand-delivered lashes to their customers across the city of Baltimore. Once online sales skyrocketed, Sarai installed 11 lash vending machines along the East Coast to supplement her online store and provide her customers with on-demand lashes. Mink Envy lashes and cosmetics are available online and be sure to follow along on Instagram at @minkenvybyash for the latest and greatest in magnetic allure.


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            Stylish, high-quality athleisure wear is LVM LA’s forte. The LA-based brand is passionate about creating clothing that is not just comfortable but also chic, with a desire to bridge the gap between high fashion and creative expression. LVM LA offers t-shirts, hoodies, and shorts that cater to an energized demographic of sports and fitness enthusiasts along with people that just love to look good and feel comfortable at the same time. LVM LA’s products are designed to meet the needs of their diverse customer base. They strive to create a culture that fosters an inclusive, sustainable, and creative environment where the individual is celebrated. By prioritizing comfort, quality, inclusion, and creativity, LVM LA is differentiating themselves in the fashion space. They have collaborated with several NBA and WNBA players that represent the boldness and creativity of their brand. As athletes have often served as fashion icons in the past, sports and fashion are closely intertwined. The ways athletes embrace and approach their own personal style both in and out of the game is an inspiration to the youth of tomorrow to do the same and celebrate their individuality. The brand stands out among others by emphasizing the high-quality fabrics and hand picked details they use. LVM LA creates versatile garments that exemplify both creativity and high-end fashion. They are inspiring others to embrace their personal style and dive into the world of athleisure fashion.

3. L8

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            Stop, sip, and savor the decadence of L8, a new beverage brand driven by women and shaken with hemp extract. The brand’s founding team exemplify the busy and colorful lifestyles of young entrepreneurs, and have created a refreshment catered to the demographic of larger than life individuals. With health and wellness as a main priority, L8 beverages are infused with hemp extract and reishi mushrooms, both ingredients that are proven to have valuable health benefits. Values rooted in self care make up the brand’s mission to promote others to “lust after life” and enjoy the blissful pleasures that naturally occur for all of us when we are living healthily. L8 gives you an opportunity to press pause and find your center before the busiest of days or even the average coffee date. Longevity, love, leisure, and luxury makeup the ideals of not only the three founders but the brand’s mission as a whole. The new taste combinations created by L8 deliver delicious well-being after every sip. L8 is taking the elevated health and wellness lifestyle to the next level by supplying the world with positive beverages that affirm the vital message of self-care and personal growth.

4. Füm

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            Positive habits are now able to be formed faster and easier with Füm. As a flavored air device created to be an alternative to smoking and vaping, Füm utilizes the natural diffusion process of flavors to satiate the urges caused by bad habits. Founded out of Alberta, Canada by Josiah and Janai Whelan as well as Braeden Paulshe, the brand is an e-commerce company that sells both Füms and Cores. A “Füm” is the flavored air device made from stainless steel and wood that contains an adjustable air flow, magnetic closure, and sleek design. The “Cores” are inserted into the Füm device and are infused with plant extracts that give the natural and unique flavor. With a mission to help the world depart from negative habits, Füm has designed their products to cater to the three major components of habit formation: flavor, fidget, and fixation. The brand supports the idea of creating one positive habit that cancels out a negative one in order to help people reach their full potential. The device is non-electronic, non-addictive, and designed to be used in everyday applications of life. The founders wanted to create a product that their customers would not be afraid to use in front of their friends. Mentioned by Joe Rogan in one of his podcasts, Füm is not only a rapidly growing brand, but a concept. The idea of healthy habit formation associated with a sleekly designed product is something Füm has mastered. They are a movement that inspires the world to form healthy habits in the name of a more productive and positive society.


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            Creating one-of-a-kind experiences, LINK x LOU offers permanent, welded, and custom-sized jewelry made to commemorate the most special of moments. LINK x LOU sets the standard in the permanent jewelry industry as the first welded jewelry brand to expand across the nation. Founded by Jordan Louis out of Denver, Colorado in 2020, the brand keeps sustainability in mind as they confidently stand behind the originality and integrity of its services. From the quality of the 14k solid gold to the experience their Linkers provide to clients, LINK x LOU adds a layer of sentiment to permanent jewelry by creating memorable pieces that minimize the impact of fast fashion on our environment. The brand considers itself to be experience-based, ensuring that customer happiness is the number one priority. Since its founding, LINK x LOU has expanded to more than 30 states and counting, with over 70 Linkers across the country. This rapid expansion is due to organic, word-of-mouth marketing, inspired by the founder’s mission to empower people to feel a sense of connection in a post-pandemic world. LINK x LOU partners with local businesses in each market to uplift communities with their positive spirit of connection. The brand is creating sentimental moments across the country through its permanent jewelry experience and the personalized impact made on the lives of individuals everywhere.

6. Yaeli Fine Art and Yaeli Home

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            Yaeli Fine Art brings Jewish-inspired art to homes everywhere. Energized by the spirituality of Judaism, the brand honors the practice through creative realms. Translated as “artify your life”, “Yaeli Home” is where founder Yaeli Vogel uses her artistry to bring functional art into the home space in order to foster a safe and personal environment. Yaeli Home intertwines art and usable home products to create inclusive spaces that are characterized by personal style and a resting place. Beginning her art business in 2015 out of Cedarhurst, New York, Vogel had a dream to bring the spiritual teachings of Judaism and creativity to even the most intimate of spaces. After launching her home line, she began to cater to a more tailored demographic in 2022. Yaeli Home offers candles, blankets, and pillows that ignite the spirit of Judaism into any home through its dynamic vision. While geared towards young professionals, the brand is able to speak to any and all followers of Judaism who lead with innovation. As a female entrepreneur that has been selling her work professionally for 7 years, Vogel is known to create unique art that inspires others to use their voice and look deeply within themselves. This idea is showcased through her art and gives her customers a look into her own personal uniqueness as well, making her stand out in the space.

7. Kül Water

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            More than just a mission, eliminating plastic waste was the entire reason for launching Kül™ Refreshment, Inc. Today, these mavericks are committed to changing how consumers enjoy bottled beverages. Their humble beginnings started in a garage, where founders George and Janice Knoll envisioned an appliance that connects to tap water, replacing bottled water coolers. Over the past 33 years, their innovative drinking water appliances have saved millions of plastic bottles from landfills and oceans. Keeping Kül™ a family-owned operation with midwestern roots has always been their strength. From their world-class facility in Northern Illinois, they design and manufacture premium countertop water appliances and water filter systems. Their latest innovation, Kül Spark™, reduces kitchen countertop clutter, allowing you to toss out the soda maker, the hot water kettle, and the water filter pitcher. Kül Spark™ is the ultimate filtered water machine that dispenses cold, sparkling, and piping hot water at the touch of a button. With loyal customers all over the world, Kül™ is making a difference in the lives of customers and helping the planet. Now anyone can enjoy the instant convenience of refreshing water with zero wait time. With Kül™, you just press to refresh. Learn more at

8. Honestly Essential

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            Pure and natural, Honestly Essential offers artisanal products that heighten the abilities of our body to heal. These products are created with organic essential oils, pure food based supplements, homeopathic remedies, and various nutrient based supplements that are able to boost the immune system. Honestly Essential strives to provide the best natural products to their customers that are catered to their individual needs. Holding space in the therapeutic treatment service industry for 35 years, the brand believes in the body’s ability to heal itself with support from the right treatments. Founder Cecilia Salvesen struggled with her own health journey after a near death experience over 30 years ago. After chemical medication seemed to fail at meeting her needs, she decided to take the natural route and use homeopathic remedies. As a result she turned to jogging, scuba diving, and karate, activities she believed she would never be able to do again. Honestly Essential stands out among the rest by ensuring their products are truly organic, vegan, kosher, cold pressed, extra virgin, and as clean as can be. Along with essential oils, the brand also provides synergistic blends that are formulated to relieve stress and anxiety, be immune aids, as well as so much more. Honestly Essential is shining a light on the important aspects of the natural earth that have the ability to successfully heal us in a healthy manner. The brand is rooted in the values of honesty and purity as shown through their stellar products and proven results.

9. Krispy Krunchy Foods

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            Krispy Krunchy Chicken brings Cajun flair to convenience stores across the country one cluck at a time. Beginning in 1989 out of Lafayette, Louisiana, Krispy Krunchy Chicken has generated an immensely loyal following of its local cuisine across the South and beyond. The company’s popularity is growing rapidly to expand nationwide and reflect the regional areas for which they reside. What sets Krispy Krunchy Chicken apart from the rest is their signature seasoning that cannot be found with any other chicken brand. The company currently has around 2700 locations in convenience stores across the country and plans to expand by opening an additional 400 this year. Because of this rapid growth, no matter where you are in the U.S there is a chance you will run into Krispy Krunchy Chicken. The company’s dedication to their customers is unmatched, as they offer delivery services on even their busiest days and partner with their operators in order to ensure success. Over the years, the company has also been known to feed tens of thousands of victims of natural disasters and are proud they can give back to the community in which they were born. Krispy Krunchy offers quality Cajun chicken, local flair, and stellar service to all. They are a company catered to the customer with a passion for Southern hospitality and quality Cajun food.

10. Plum Garments

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            Plum Garments has taken thrifting to a whole new level by dusting off the faded gold of quality vintage so everyone can have a standout piece in their closet. Fun and vintage clothing options are available in denim, workwear, and hippie-inspired styles along with so much more. Founded by Liam Gay-Killeen out of Portland, Oregon, Plum Garments has a mission to bring their passion for vintage clothing and way of life to all. The brand believes that the right clothing can increase the happiness in the lives of everyone, and they’re not wrong. Nothing beats a good find. From your favorite pair of jeans that you never take off to a t-shirt from a beach town you visited when you were a kid, vintage clothing can instigate feelings of nostalgia that are unmatched in any other industry. This feeling is something the brand makes sure is portrayed through their products and advertisements. Plum Garments show their passion for sourcing the best vintage through their dedication to wear what they like rather than follow mainstream trends. The brand believes in promoting the idea of people being able to wear what fits their individual style by letting their creativity shine through the clothing they chose to adorn themselves with. In short, Plum Garments sells clothing that makes them happy. They are a fashion-forward movement that celebrates clothing in a variety of styles and represents past trends to fit the specific people they are being worn by.

11. Her-Rah 1st Bra

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Girl power takes a new form with Her-Rah 1st Bra, a resource for tweens aimed at celebrating and supporting girls through one of their most important milestones. As a small women-owned business, Her-Rah is flipping the script on the classic first bra shopping trip, making it less awkward and more of a celebration by including the ideals of community and compassion. The brand’s founders, a mother-daughter duo, aimed to create bras that are not only comfortable but provide the correct amount of support for developing young girls. Her-Rah wants young girls to feel confident and empowered during this stage in their lives and know that they can encourage this attitude through a positive bra shopping experience. The brand has carefully crafted 3 different style options to meet the diverse needs of each girl, knowing that the statement “one size fits all” does not apply to bras at any stage in a girl’s life. By using their Find Your Fit system, girls can easily determine what style and size fits them best. Their patented detachable and interchangeable straps allow girls to transform just one bra into several different styles. With over 30 different colors and designs available, Her-Rah 1st Bra provides a vast selection of styles that appeal to any individual’s taste, giving freedom to create unique looks that can’t be found anywhere else. Her-Rah bras are also designed to fit an array of diverse body types, allowing all young and growing girls to have a positive and inclusive 1st Bra experience. Her-Rah 1st Bra makes shopping for a 1st bra an empowering and celebratory experience for all. They are revolutionizing what it means to grow into a confident and powerful young woman.

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