Because the tough-guy-braves-[insert literal or metaphorical monster here]-to reveal-the-inner-workings-of [insert subject matter here] reality show formula continues to be popular, we'll be getting at least one more, courtesy of the Travel Channel. The network just announced that it will develop a series tentatively titled Coffee Hunter, which “spotlights businessman and adventurer Todd Carmichael as he travels the globe, often in dangerous locations, hunting for the highest-grade coffee in the world.”

Carmichael is the “first American to solo trek across Antarctica from coast to the South Pole,” and currently is an owner of premium coffee company La Colombe Torrefaction in Philadelphia. Working with Leonardo DiCaprio, he also created a special blend of coffee, the proceeds of which benefit the actor's charitable foundation; that particular coffee made a decent showing in our recent celebrity coffee showdown, especially if you have a penchant for diner coffee.

As Carmichael explained in an interview with Eater Philadelphia last month, Coffee Hunter will open our eyes to the dirty realities of where our coffee comes from: “We're not going to Napa Valley to find grapes. Coffee is grown by the poor, in the poorest places in the world, so reopening these trade lines is always an adventure.”

And it is this adventure that the show will chronicle. As the press release says, we'll see him doing everything from sleeping under his car to “avoiding warlords and bodily harm, risking it all to bring back the perfect cup o' joe.” In Haiti, for example, he told the New York Times, he received “three separate death threats, a near beating, some very stressful confrontations and some seven different long treks through the mountains with a backpack full of cash. I'd say now it was worth it. Now all my farmers are free from exploitation and can grow and sell coffee, as they should (and I'm adding more every day).” Which leads us to suggest to the Travel Channel that if Coffee Hunter does not work out as the title for this series, Save the Farmer, Save the World might do the trick.

All that said, Coffee Hunter: Save the Farmer, Save the World does sound better than Travel Channel's other show in development, City Swappers, which “follows the adventures of two couples who have swapped homes, cars, friends, favorite restaurants and culinary tastes in order to experience an alternative to the typical vacation.” No word yet on when either show will air.

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