A Pomeranian puppy born with both male and female sex organs has at least 15 people expressing interest in adopting the dog, according to the Press-Enterprise.

The puppy named Red recently underwent gender-reassignment surgery in San Bernardino to reduce the risk of cancer and infection.

“We looking for a very loving family for him” Sharon Blechinger, director of the nonprofit Helping Every Animal League (HEAL), told the Weekly. “We don't want him to turn into a circus act.”

HEAL is an organization that helps homeless pets housed at the San Bernardino City Animal Shelter.

Blechinger paid for the puppy's $1,165 medical procedure herself and said that doctors classified Red as a male post surgery.

Those interested in adopting the little guy should call 909-436-8065 or apply through HEAL's website. Applications will be processed till August 20.

LA Weekly