Traditional on-campus roomy situations at UCLA almost always involve boys living with boys and girls living with girls.

But what if you're a boy who looks like a girl and is in the process of becoming a girl? Could you still live with a girl?

That's a possibility because …

… the school is considering changing its same-sex policy to allow just such a situation, according to the Daily Bruin.

Other campuses such as UC Berkeley and Stanford allow co-ed dorms on-campus, but UCLA says it hasn't been inspired to change its policy because very few students requested it — and those who have usually involved a transgender person wanting to live with someone of the (technically) opposite sex.

According to the Bruin there have been a few exceptions to the rule.

But a policy change could make it easier for “chicks with (or soon to be without) dicks” to room up with ladies and/or gentlemen. Confused? We are too.

We have a call into Suzanne Seplow, director of UCLA's Office of Residential Life, to see if we can get more sexual orientation on this.

In the meantime, read the Bruin's coverage.


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