Budweiser only ran two commercials during the Super Bowl on Sunday, but it only took one of them for the world's largest beer brand to piss off an entire country of craft beer fans.

“Proudly a macro beer,” the commercial first blasts in big capital letters across the screen — blasphemy in a beer world where smaller and local is always deemed superior. The commercial continues with more brash, riot-inciting statements, paired with clips of hipsters with douchey moustaches, aimed directly at offending the growing number of craft beer drinkers (the same ones Anheuser-Busch relies on for sales revenue from the three craft breweries its purchased over the last few years): “Budweiser isn't brewed to be fussed over,” “It's brewed for drinking, not dissecting,” “Brewed the hard way,” Let them drink their pumpkin peach ales — we'll be brewing golden suds.”

But for all the anger and differing opinions that have been put out there in what we've been calling “Fussgate,” there have been few actionable responses — until now. 

Inspired by Budweiser's craft-slamming beer commercial, Koreatown's longtime craft beer destination Beer Belly is bringing back its popular “Craft for Crap” event, which back in 2011 invited people to bring in any macro beer and swap it out for a glass of craft beer. 

“It was our way of encouraging craft beer drinkers to reach out to their non craft drinking friends, and bring them out so they can see what craft beer was all about,” Beer Belly wrote on its blog Monday

This Saturday, however, Beer Belly is asking participants to bring in any Budweiser beer, and in return, they will exchange it for a craft beer from their hyperlocal selection of kegs for $.01. From the announcement:

Like many of you, we had a good laugh during the Super Bowl watching a Budweiser commercial that was filled with hypocrisy and just plain short-sightedness. The craft beer community is not just a couple of mustached hipsters smelling their beers in a booth isolated from the rest of the world. Our community represents all kinds of people from different walks of life. That is what makes the Beer Belly experience fun and rewarding. That is what makes the craft beer community so fulfilling.

Anyway, this Saturday we’re bringing back Craft for Crap. We want as many people as possible to grab any variant of Budweiser that may be in their fridge, attic, car trunk and bring it to Beer Belly on Saturday from 12-4 p.m. We will go ahead and trade you for a craft beer for $.01. We can fuss over our beer, drink it, talk about it, whatever the hell you want.

So grab your golden suds (or tall boy of strawberry Bud Light Michelada) and swap it out for a much more flavorful, almost-free beer that was no doubt also brewed the hard way. 

Beer Belly, 532 S. Western Ave.; 213-387-2337; beerbellyla.com

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