Tate Tucker is getting us ready for summer in the most vibrant way possible. A product of the local beaches in Los Angeles, the singer-songwriter creates tunes that blend genres, unleashing ethereal textures paired with soothing melodies. Most recently, he unleashed the official music video for “Breezy,” the lead single from Shangri LA.

The four-minute clip was shot in beautiful Bali. Directed by Damien Blue, Tate is seen rocking a bucket hat and open button-up shirt as he dives deep into the culture.

Tate sings, “Swimming past my comfort zone/Not worried bout the High tide, I’m relaxed in the rip tide” — an image perfectly depicted in the scenes by the ocean. The record itself serves as an escape from reality, reminding listeners to live in the moment and soak it all in. Watch below as Tucker soaks up all that nature has to offer by visiting different waterfalls, beaches, even a monkey sanctuary!

LA Weekly