At 23 years old, Atlanta native Keyon Christ has already worked with the likes of Vic Mensa, Rihanna and Kanye West. Now he’s ready to unleash his own sound: a magical blend of hip-hop, electronic, pop, R&B and overall vibes.

A creator and innovator, Christ describes “Why Me” as his most heartfelt song yet, immediately demanding attention and serving as the intro track of his most recent EP, They Don’t Want Us.

The first line has him declaring “I made up my mind, I’m no longer trying,” setting the dark, eerie soundscape for the rest of the 2½-minute track. The chorus repeats the words “Why me?” asking the recurring question we all ask ourselves. Subconsciously creating from his heart versus his mind, he lets go of his biggest fears and frustrations, using the booth in the studio as therapy.

Sonically, his voice pairs an infectious beat with guitar riffs and tribal patterns, allowing audiences to enter his lair of thoughts and genre-bending sounds.

For Keyon, the record was inspired by real-life experiences of hardship and adversity, reminding listeners they are not alone in this journey called life.

LA Weekly