If you’re a fan of discovering artists before they blow up, Jordan Ward is your guy. Hailing from St. Louis but finding his way to the City of Angels to pursue his dreams at the age of 18, the “Candid” singer has traveled the world with Justin Bieber and Janet Jackson, and even danced onstage with Beyoncé at Coachella last year.

Now, the former dancer and actor returns with his strongest performance to date on “Holdin Me Back.” The three-minute record provides a smooth, sultry soundscape as Ward flexes his vocals in a startlingly vulnerable state.

He croons, “Stuck on my relationship with you, that I’m not with myself/I’m broken we can do, ashamed to get some help/Been a long time coming, look at all we been through, now it’s done but I don’t feel too sentimental.”

This is for anybody who’s been in a toxic relationship and needs to GTFO. Ward's ability to vent about the notion of artificial love invites audiences to relate and recharge, proving self-love trumps all. The rawness in his lyrics do not go unnoticed, going beyond love and extending to anything else in life holding you back. This is an anthem to fight and break free.

LA Weekly