Compton singer-songwriter Garren is best known for his smooth, buttery vocals, as heard on songs like “LA Shit” featuring G Perico, and his feature on Cozz’s “Bout It.” Now, he continues to build a fan base with a brand new record called “What Happened.”

The new single unveils a softer, more personal side of Garren than audiences have previously seen. His traditional records embody the definition of love, but this one asks the question “what happened?”

On the hook he croons, “Thought we would make it till tomorrow, but I guess all that time was just borrowed / Now we just sitting in our sorrow.”

The record runs for only two minutes, but it explores the reality of a relationship that just didn’t work out. This recounts a real-life experience between Garren and a special female, looking back and analyzing what went wrong when expectations were so high. While most artists sing about the positive side of romance, this reminds you that there are negatives also. 

In the end, such is life. We feel you, Garren.


LA Weekly