With a straight face, Duchi Da Vinchi will tell you he’s from space. Upon meeting him, you quickly realize that this is at least real in his mind. Orbiting somewhere between New York City, Mars, Los Angeles and Atlanta, the space-boy rocks vibrant fashion styles you might see in 2040.

His outfits fittingly match his music, allowing fans to enter his orbit. Now, he unleashes his new single “Lo-Fi,” arriving in perfect time for the new year. The message? It’s OK to have fun and live years ahead of your time.

On the hook, Duchi croons, “Drink got me livin in Lo-Fi, raging on the moon till the sun rise / Black girl turnin into Snow White, feelin’ like Elon on the moon tonight.”

Speaking of the creative process behind “Lo-Fi,” Duchi was thinking about how crazy it’d be if he could throw a party on the moon and have spaceships shuttling people up. “2030 vibez, ya know?” he says. “After throwing down the right vocal melodies to float on top of the spacey soundscape, he says “Yeah, this is that RAGIN’ ON THE MOON SIPPIN’ 1942!!”

Produced by J. Sounds, “Lo-Fi” is a feel-good bop for people to come kick it with Duchi and his Martian homies.

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