Hailing from Willingboro, New Jersey, singer-songwriter Ant Clemons moved to Los Angeles in 2017 to pursue the music thing with full-force. Initially gaining attention for his vocals on Kanye West’s “All Mine” alongside Ty Dolla $ign, that doesn’t even begin to touch on his strong pen game working with everyone from Beyonce, Jay Z, Chance The Rapper, Childish Gambino, and more.

Now, he unleashes his debut single titled “4 Letter Word” featuring legendary producer Timbaland. Off the rip, you hear his distinct, high-pitched voice on the chorus singing, “Took my ugly, made it lovely / Left these demons out in public / Show me love is more than a four-letter word.” 

The single itself spells out the word “love,” a concept we all struggle with. While it can be an incredibly beautiful thing, it can also cause much distress. For Ant, he finds that one special someone that pulls him out of the darkness and shows him the beauty in life, silencing all the demons in his own head.


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