Residents who live on the outskirts of Elysian Park know that their hill slopes and back yards have recently become outdoor kennels for roaming coyotes. Until the rains came, the feral canines could be spotted lolling on their backs in gardens or chewing up drip lines in search of water. The hearts of cat owners, of course, skip a beat every time they glimpse El Coyote loping down Morton Street or Lucretia Avenue. Now, however, there's buzz at both Echo Elysian Forum and the EastsiderL.A. about a new cat in town — possibly a bobcat, feline avenger who's been spotted on the prowl in a vacant patch of land. The betting is that he or she is too big to be a house cat.

Even here, however, there's controversy. Lynx — I mean, links to one poster to EastsiderL.A. bring up this explanation: “Or maybe it's just Chuy! He was always a big cat, and perhaps those coyotes I thought ate him really only adopted him . . .”

File photo: Len Blumin/Wikipedia

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