Get out your black books, kids. On December 13, Track 16 opens RISK’s first solo show in 26 years. Known around town as “the graffiti artist’s graffiti artist,” RISK’s not a current Seventh Letter superstar but is one of the city’s first true kings of the medium. As founder of the WCA (West Coast Artists) crew in 1985, he threw up at the Belmont Tunnel, in Venice, and started what they now call “Heavens.” He went to New York to learn how to paint and brought back styles otherwise unknown in these parts. His show “26” celebrates an endangered life lived with inhalants, and introduces 26 new pieces (all letters, of course) to light. Expect Track 16 to swarm with local talent rarely seen in daylight, and please note: This show is up for one week only. “TWENTY-SIX: NEW WORKS BY RISK,” Track 16 Gallery, 2525 Michigan Ave., Bldg. C-1, Santa Monica; (310) 264-4678 or Opens Sat., Dec. 13, 7-11 p.m.; thru December 20.

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