Torrance beach goers may hear loud sirens and flashing lights Thursday as a “full volume” evacuation emergency test will take place Thursday, between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m.

“Don’t panic,” said the L.A. County department of beaches and harbors, as all the commotion will be to test its new Beach Emergency Evacuation Lights System (BEELS).

This will be the county’s third time testing the BEELS system and the second time it will be tested at full volume.

Aside from sirens and lights coming from lifeguard towers, beachgoers can expect to hear evacuation alerts over a loudspeaker given in both English and Spanish, warning about tsunamis, severe thunderstorms, shark sightings, earthquakes and other beach-related emergencies.

The “full volume” test is intended so that all beachgoers and even local residents can here the alerts, even if hard-of-hearing.

“All announcements will be played at full volume to ensure they can be heard everywhere on Torrance Beach,” L.A. County department of beaches and harbors said in a statement. “Some residents in Palos Verdes Estates, Torrance and Redondo Beach may also hear the alerts. Due to anticipated high decibel levels, people who have sensitive hearing should avoid the area.”

LA Weekly