Toronto Mayor Rob Ford stopped by L.A. City Hall today. If he was looking to score, he came to the wrong place. City Hall hasn't had a coke problem since the 1990s. He would have better luck a few blocks to the south.

Ford tweeted photos from his visits with L.A. councilmen, including this one with Tom LaBonge. Is there any clearer evidence that white privilege exists than the fact that both of these men hold public office?
The Toronto mayor also took the opportunity to lurk creepily at a Budget and Finance Committee meeting.
Find a chair, buddy. You are creeping everyone out.

Officially, Ford is in town to promote Toronto as a location for filming. But he's behaving like a tourist, hanging around the Walk of Fame and going to Jimmy Kimmel's show. He'll actually be a guest on the show tonight, which raises the possibility that his entire existence is an Internet hoax.

The crack-smoking mayor can't go anywhere, evidently, without being followed around by his own personal Javert. Toronto Star City Hall reporter Daniel Dale was at L.A. City Hall today, where he was struck by the burdensome security precautions.

On any other day, we would agree that this is stupid, and makes L.A. look bad. But from today's evidence, it appears that security is not tight enough.

Evidently the big joke among the Canadian press corps is that Ford is in L.A. because he wants to pitch his own reality show. (Har har.) The mayor's brother had a good response to that one:

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