Wine and cheese; scotch and cigars; tequila and…more tequila: Good things come in pairs, and drinks are no exception. Our personal favorite? Beer and music.

As card-carrying beer nerds, we couldn't be more excited that Monday kicked off American Craft Beer Week; and, as your trusted music geeks, we couldn't imagine a better occasion to put together a soundtrack for enjoying a sweet one. Celebrate a match made in rock n' roll heaven with our Ten Favorite Songs About Beer:

10. Two Nice Girls – “I Spent My Last $10 (On Birth Control and Beer)”

Have you ever had your heart broken so badly that you've considered, if only for a moment, renouncing your sexual orientation entirely and looking elsewhere? Yep. We've all been there. So you can probably relate to singer Gretchen Phillips' hilarious and poignant tale of turning to hairy-chested Lester and a bottle o' brew after Mary Lou left her for another lady. She laments, “My life was so much better when I was sober and queer.”

9. MF Doom – “One Beer”

A classic track off of Doom's acclaimed MM…Food, you may recognize the sample (Cortex's “Huit Octobre 1971”) more recently from Tyler, the Creator's “Odd Toddlers.” But where it was dissonant and irritating under the latter's gut-punch rhymes, the Madlib-produced Doom version is as smooth and crisp as its title: “Tempt me, do a number on a label/Eat up all they emcees, and drink 'em under the table.” MM…Beer.

8. Andrew Bird with Scott Ligon – “Bubbles in My Beer”

Tackling the 1948 country ditty by Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys, Bird and Ligon play a musically and lyrically stripped-down version of the Cindy Walker-penned tune that's more loyal to its tears-in-my-beer feel. When your date stands you up, they're the band in the corner of the bar that puts a smile back on your face and a jig in your step.

7. Tom Waits – “Warm Beer, Cold Women”

But sometimes that band isn't at that bar, and sometimes you've been stood up one too many times. And that's where Tom Waits comes in. Scorned by love time and time again, he invites you to pull up to his piano bench and share a warm brew, nice and masochistic-like:

“Time to get down to drinking/Tell the band to play the blues/Drinks are on me, I'll buy another round/At the last ditch attempt saloon”

6. Fear – “More Beer”

The good beer giveth, and the good beer taketh away, but let us not forget that a cold one is far more than a receptacle for our sorrows. This classic from L.A.'s hardcore punk godfathers earns a spot on the list not only for its brazen demand for more brew, but for its A+ use of epic Journey-style vocals during the song's tongue-in-cheek breakdown: “And when I wake up in the morning/My mouth's all parched and dry…And I'm hoping and I'm praying/I hope there's one more beer.” Amen.

5. Johnny Cash – “I Hardly Ever Sing Beer Drinkin Songs”

From 1975's largely forgettable, but better-than-you-remember, “Look At Them Beans,” Cash sings “hardly” but can only mean “always” on this cheerful little tale of woe: “I don't lose no sleep at night 'cause things with you are going right/And I hardly ever sing beer drinking songs.” We suggest cracking open a Cash Stout from Everybody's Brewing in honor of this one.

4. The Replacements – “Beer for Breakfast”

Because it's five o'clock somewhere.

3. Nina Simone – “Gimme a Pigfoot (and a Bottle of Beer)”

When it comes to beer-fueled laments, there are those who weep into their pints, and then there's Nina Simone. Reprising the 1933 Wesley Wilson-penned classic by Bessie Smith, Ms. Simone seizes the tune with a husky purr that looks the night's end square in the eye–and she don't care if the piano player's bringing her down: “Check all your razors check your guns/I'm gonna be arrested when the wagon comes/I wanna pigfoot and a bottle of beer/Send me 'cos I don't care”

2. The Adicts – “Who Spilt My Beer?”

A cannonball off of their 1981 debut Songs of Praise, “Who Spilt My Beer?” is the call-and-response soundtrack to your most raucous and memorable nights out at the pub: “I'm asking you to tell the truth/Who spilt my beer?/Come on in, let's go buy me a beer!”

1. People Under the Stairs – “BEER”

We loved this track when it came out last year, and we love it even more now. Enter the official anthem and music video of ACBW, at least by our declaration. L.A.'s The One and Double K serve it up straight and goofy: From the Laverne & Shirley intro of their brewery-themed video to lyrics like “The ales, pilsner, lager or the stout/Hops till the party stops/I make the people shout,” PUTS lets you know there ain't no shame in their beer-loving game. You like hangin' on Twitter? Well we like BEER!

What are your favorite beer-sippin' songs? Let us know in the comments!

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