(Courtesy of the Ultimate Guide to Tomb Raider)

1. Elizabeth Hurley

“. . . uncanny ringer for Lara . . . Hurley knows how to deal with sticky situations. After all, she still dates Hugh Grant.”

2. Sandra Bullock

“. . . Anyone who can make a 10 ton bus fly [in Speed] should have no problem leaping over a few spike-filled chasms.”

3. Yasmine Bleeth

“. . . she knows her way around the water . . .”

4. Carmen Electra

“. . . her experience on Baywatch proves she can perform in formfitting clothing.”

5. Uma Thurman

“. . . she proved in Pulp Fiction that she can wear a wig and dance with the big boys.”

6. Alyssa Milano

“. . . Since she moved into Melrose Place she's earned a third-degree black belt in cat fighting.”

7. Claudia Christian

“. . . on Bablyon 5, she's able to maintain shiny, healthy hair during an interstellar war.”

8. Barbra Streisand

“. . . not quite right for the role, but she's got the power to get the rights and put herself in the lead.”

9. Shannon Doherty

“For a while there, Doherty was good at getting arrested, and we can't help but like the idea of Lara Croft in a women-in-prison picture.”

10. Lucy Lawless

“. . . buff, tough and about 11 feet tall – the perfect larger-than-life gal to Lara's polygonal brassiere.”

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