As we suspected Carma (-you know what) was a bust this past weekend. In fact, traffic was better than ever on the streets of Los Angeles. Still, we did see one big casualty of the freeway closure and subsequent hype: nightlife. Indeed, with a few exceptions, the clubs, like the streets, were ghost town-ish. It was more like post-apocolyptic out there.

Even the half-naked Suicide Girls (done up as Catholic School girls no less!) didn't seem enough to entice partiers or pervs away from their computers Saturday night. Well, not that many pervs. Attendance may have been somewhat low for SG's Summer School shindig at Monte Cristo, but it did earn an A for (sex) Appeal.

So what is it about the enduringly fetish-ized pleated skirt/white shirt/necktie school girl look (and variations there of) anyway? Is it, as some shrinks claimed after the Glee photos scandal, a bad thing for women (a subconscious suggestion that younger is better when it come attractiveness). Is it about the forbidden fruit? Pure nostalgia? Inspired by Club Suicide's Summer School-themed soiree, check out these Top Five Music Videos Featuring School Girl Uniforms, and decide for yourself…

5. Runaway- Bon Jovi

The “school girl gone wild” was a popular theme in the '80s. In fact, this clip and Nightranger's below are notably similar. What we like about both? The uniforms aren't stripper versions, but authentic, long skirts and all.

4. Hit Me Baby One More Time- Britney Spears

On the non-authentic uniform side: Britney may have single-handedly brought back naughty school girl-as-Halloween costume.

3. Sister Christian- Nightranger

Love/hate thing with this one. Loved the use of the song in “Boogie Nights.” Hate when people sing the song to us (our Nightlife column and online coverage is under the name “Nightranger” but has nothing to do with the band).

2. Crazy- Aerosmith

The clip that made Liv Tyler a star.

1. Catholic School Girls Rule- The Red Hot Chili Peppers

The ultimate ode to the young ladies in plaid -by the Peppers before they went pop- gets the highest marks of all in our (year)book.

See more pictures of schoolgirl get-ups at Club Suicide in our Nightranger slideshow.

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